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After creating element types and parameter assignment, record model would be created with these element types in ORGANIZER. For each component in record model we have to assign element type id and anchor data as shown below.

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Apart from standard attributes, we can add some more attributes as per our requirements. These attributes would be useful for record search and reporting purpose.

We can use standard RMS_ID ‘ASR_DPF’, which is the top entity under that we will keep all DPF related stuff.

I used standard Service Providers for Archive link documents, BOR objects, HCM Infotypes, General documents, Records and Record Models.

Under Service Providers, we will create custom element types for record model by copying standard element types or we can use standard ones as it is. We will do this in tcode: SRMREGEDIT.

In element type we have to assign classification parameters and connection parameter values based on type of element. The important connection parameter is document class which would be the content repository for that particular element.
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DPF(Digital Personnel Files) functionality in HCM, appears under HR Administrator services which is mainly based on SAP Records Management (better known as SAP Netweaver Folders Management).

DPF functionality with a folder structure contains some infotypes, BOR object and provision to
upload scanned documents

create a record model (tcode: ORGAZINER), which will have a folder structure that should appear as record.

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