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SAP e-Recruiting – Internal and External candidate

Differentiate between Internal and External Candidate

Whether a candidate is internal or external is not stored in the tables of sap e-recruiting (HRP5102 does not have any such flag). The system checks if the central person (CP) of the candidate (NA) is related to an employee id (P) via a relation in HRP1001 and the relation is valid today. Then the system checks for IS_INACTIVE flag is SPACES in HRP5102.

This check can be done manually or using  CL_HRRCF_*_BL (service classes of e-Recuiting)

Flow of data

In a distributied scenario (I2-A and I2-B) employee master data is transferred to SAP E-recruitment and the internal candidates and related objects are created automatically.

During this process all employee’s basic master data are mapped into specific EREC infotypes.

In order to control the flow of data:

Modify the distribution model in the HR system (transaction BD64)

Limit which basic data is sent (some data is required in order to create the business partner object)

Transaction codes in ECM

Start budget administration
Generate budget from organizational hierarchy
Upload budget values from Personnel cost planning
Display budget
Check and release budget
Convert budget stock unit
Compensation Administration
Change compensation process status
Create compensation process records
Update basic pay from planned compensation
Print compensation review statement
Create compensation program records
Long Term Incentives
Evaluate LTI grants
Process event for LTI grants
Convert LTI grant stock unit
Export LTI participant data
Export LTI grant data
Import LTI exercising data
Job pricing
Start job pricing
Extract data for survey participation

SAP HR Tickets and errors in Payroll

Change too far in payroll past Appears if you want to change an infotype relevant to retroactive accounting and the start date for this infotype lies before the earliest retroactive accounting limit
Employee not selected during payroll run Check that you have chosen the correct payroll area on the selection screen. Check that the employee is active in the payroll period that you have chosen.
No entry in table T529Q for period modifier 03 for time 01.04.2001-06-20 This error message is misleading as this table does not exist. It actually points to table T549Q which in turn points to table T510W. This table holds the link between the payscale type and area and the period parameter. The permissible entries may point to a weekly period parameter – which is fine for weekly employees. Get the monthly combinations to point to a monthly period parameter eg 51 – GB Monthly.
Deletion forbidden Results has been posted with posting run <nnnnnnnn> An error occurs when attempting to delete employee’s records whose payroll results have been posted to finance.
  • Using transaction PU03, ensure the Accounted To, Earliest MD change and Recal.follow-up prog dates have been removed.
  • Using transaction PU00, select all infotypes and delete the employee.

General errors in SAP HR


Changes to Repository or cross-client Customising are not permitted

You have attempted to change an object in a client which has not been set to allow client-independent changes. Check the settings on table T000 and get the System Administration team to change the setting on the table. If allowed you can do it yourself using transaction code SCC4

Number range HRTEM_REFN does not exist

You usually get this error whilst trying to post costs from Training and Events to Controlling. The solution is to create an external number range – but don't tick the "External" tickbox


Errors in Payroll Reports


Please do not enter a period

You have entered a payroll period but the radio button says "Current Period". Either delete period entry to use the current Period or change radio button to "Other Period"

Error when retrieving results: CLUSTER DIRECTORY NOT FOUND

Your selection criteria have not yielded any employees. Check the criteria, in particular that the payroll period exists.


SAP HR tickets/Common errors – Absence & Attendance Entry


First day is a day of

Warns that the first day of the absence or attendance period is a non-working day for this employee.

Last day is a day off

Warns that the last day of the absence or attendance period is a non-working day for this employee.

All days in the period are days off

Alerts you that every day of the absence or attendance period is a non-working day for this employee.

No validity interval for key 1 08 05

This occurs when you try and enter an absence quota for an employee whose absence quota does not exist in the validity period as a default value. The table is T559V.

This will cause leave entitlement to become negative

  • Check leave balance in Leave View if required
  • Confirm with supervisor that negative leave is approved
  • Enter the absence ensuring that you select the appropriate absence subtype for negative leave

Please enter indicator OR absence/attendance type

When using the push button Abs./attendances in Calendar View for bringing up the data entry box for Absence/Attendance, an entry in one or other of the columns marked 'AC' and 'STy.' is required – not both.

No data stored for leave entitlement for the selected period

No data is currently held on infotype 0005. Create the record.

No entry in table T551C for key 0GR071998081 10000000000

Check to make sure you have assigned the period work schedule valuation classes and counting classes. The two IMG Paths are as follows:

Time Management Time Recording Absences Absence Catalog Absence Counting Define counting classes for period work schedule


Time Evaluation Time Evaluation with Data from Sub System/Time Evaluation Without Clock Times Time Wage Type Selection and Overtime Compensation Define valuation classes for period work schedules

"No entry in table T551C for key 10GR071998081

The error message number is P2501. When I try to get the help for the message, I find the help contains nothing more except the message ID. Table T551C entries required on the 11/08/2998 for absence type GR07


Common Errors – Personnel Event – Hire or Org/Pay Change


Number range nn is internal; please do not enter a personnel number

Personnel numbers are assigned automatically from an internal range. Delete the entry in the Personnel Number field – the system will provide the number.

No entry in table T530 for xx

You need to enter a valid "Reason for Action"

Person and Position have different Personnel Areas

This happens when hiring several employees in the same session. The system defaults to the Personnel Area of the person you hired last hired in the session – What to do.

  • Delete the default entries for the Personnel Area, Employee Group and Employee Subgroup
  • Click "Enter" – This will default in the correct Personnel Area, Employee Group and Employee Subgroup as per the Position
  • If correct select Save

A008 relationships of S 500xxxx exceed working hours by nnn.nn%

This position may have more than one incumbent. It is appropriate to have more than one person in a position in the following circumstances; For a handover period two employees occupy the position. The position is designed to have multiple occupants – eg. Contractors may be set up in one position.


Common errors – Recurring Payments and Deductions

Amount is impermissible entry This wage type does not allow direct entry of an amount. The wage type characteristics (table T511) have been set up to allow the entry of a number of units instead.
Always enter both number and unit. This is one of those odd messages. The wage type wants just an amount and you have entered either:
  • a number and no amount, or;
  • a number and an amount,
  • a unit and an amount

Enter an amount with no number or unit.

Do not enter units for wage type xxxx Clear these fields and enter an amount instead.
Please enter an amount Both number and amount are blank. Enter a value as appropriate.

Tickets in SAP HR – Error message – Basic Pay


No Entry in table T529Q for period modifier 03 for time xx.xx.xxxx

Check table T510w to ensure that all the ESG for CAP point to the correct period modifiers rather than a default one.

Employee not selected during payroll run

Check that you have chosen the correct payroll area on the selection screen. Check that the employee is active in the chosen payroll period.