Quota Compensation

IT0416 (0416) is a Quota compensation Infotype

It is used to compensate the leaves. In most companies employees encash there earned leaves. If employee encashes the earned leaves then the encahment of earned leave quota is stored in 0416 IT. The infotype records are evaluated in the gross part of payroll accounting. You can only use this infotype if you use the R/3 Payroll Accounting (PY) component.

A time quota compensation consists of two substeps:
1. Deduction of absence quotas
2. Assignment of a wage type for the valuation in Payroll Accounting

There are three possible procedures for deducting absence quotas through time quota compensation.The deduction can be made
1. from several absence quotas according to the absence quota deduction rule
2. from all absence quotas of one type, which are deductible on the compensation key date
3. from absence quotas that are entered manuallyThe procedure is stored in the subtype of the time quota compensation infotype

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Time Management> Time Data Recording and Administration> Managing Time Accounts Using Attendance/Absence Quotas> Processing Absence Quotas in Payroll> Time Quota Compensation

Automatic compensation
In Automatic compensation, the quota compensation is controlled by the Customizing settings, depending on the specified subtype. You only need to enter the value to be compensated. Depending on the quota type used for the deduction, the number specifies a value in days or hours.

Free compensation
You can normally use a subtype of the Quota Compensation infotype (0416) to carry out a free compensation. For free compensation, you enter the quota number to be compensated, and you can also specify methods to be used for the compensation. You can choose from the following methods:

Automatic compensation
Two options are available for automatic compensation:
You use a deduction rule for the compensation.
The R/3 System selects the quotas to be compensated according to the Customizing settings.
The R/3 System first deducts from the quota whose deduction period expires next
The R/3 System deducts additional leave for challenged persons first, then the standard annual leave
You specify a quota type for the compensation.
In this case, the R/3 System selects the quotas whose deduction period next expires from all the quotas of this type.
The list of absence quotas shows which quotas can be compensated. It displays all the employee’s time off entitlements that are available for deduction on the current day.

Manual compensation
Payroll accounting calculates the monetary value that an employee receives for a compensated quota. In manual compensation, you can control this accounting procedure by specifying a wage type or a wage type/amount for a compensated quota. In this case, the rules specified in Customizing for the selection or valuation of a wage type are overridden.

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