Developing OM Infotypes – PPCI

Although the need for creating OM ifotypes is rare, some projects do require this knowledge. In some ways OM infotypes are similar to their PA counterparts. For example:

  • Infotypes have a validity period – start date and end date
  • Each Organizational object has a record of infotype 1000 (object infotype)
OM Objects and infotypes are used when defining the organizational plan. From the user’s standpoint, the organizational plan is a display of the organizational structure that shows relationships between objects such as organizational units, positions and persons.
The most frequently used organizational objects are organizational units, position, job and person. The relationships between objects are represented in Infotype 1001. These infotypes form the organizational structure or hierarchy. The relation is defined in both the related objects.
PPCI (Personal Planning Infotype Copier) is used to develop OM infotypes. Suppose the client demands maximum loan limit to be defined for each and every position, then this is defined by creating a new OM infotype.
Use SE11 (ABAP Dictionary) to create a table. Create a few sample records in the table. It is a good idea to create the elementary search help ZLOAN in transaction SE11 with the selection method ZLOAN and the export parameter ZTTYP.

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