Configure Employment Status In PA40 and PA30 Screen

For a specific action type, I only want one employment status 2 show, i.e. inactive. rest employment status i.e. active, withdrawn etc should not been displayed while using that particular action type. 

SPRO –> Personnel Management –> Personnel Administration –> Customizing Procedures –> Actions

Step I: Define the info group
a. Define the info group
Eg: Y1: Special Action for Inactive emp
b. Assign info types to that particular info group

Step II: Set up Personnel Actions
a. Under personnel action type, give the action type and expansion eg: Z1 Special Action
b. FC(Function character) give 0
c. Customer Specific status: Leave Blank
d. Employment Status: Give 1
e. Special Payment: Give 1
f. Select PA, PSA, EG, ESG
g. Insert the info group number which you have created which you have defined under Step 1. and save

Step III: Create reasons for personnel actions

Step IV: Change action menu
Assign the action type to the action menu with the necessary user group
Execute the action using PA40 and you can see the changes made.
Employment Status in PA30 Main Screen   
How to add the employment status to the main screen of PA30 ?

First get the screen header from view V_582A_B (t.code ->sm30), by default 00 for initial screen, 10 for Action Info type, 03 for Org Assignment Info type, 02 for all the other info type.
Then get the header modifier from view V_T588I (TClass -> A for Employee , B for Applicant).
Once you get the header modifier, you can add (or replace with other field) employee group (IT0001- PERSG) field in header structure through the table T588J (sm30 -> maintain). You need to give the row/column no, to where it should appear.

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