Common Errors – Personnel Event – Hire or Org/Pay Change


Number range nn is internal; please do not enter a personnel number

Personnel numbers are assigned automatically from an internal range. Delete the entry in the Personnel Number field – the system will provide the number.

No entry in table T530 for xx

You need to enter a valid "Reason for Action"

Person and Position have different Personnel Areas

This happens when hiring several employees in the same session. The system defaults to the Personnel Area of the person you hired last hired in the session – What to do.

  • Delete the default entries for the Personnel Area, Employee Group and Employee Subgroup
  • Click "Enter" – This will default in the correct Personnel Area, Employee Group and Employee Subgroup as per the Position
  • If correct select Save

A008 relationships of S 500xxxx exceed working hours by nnn.nn%

This position may have more than one incumbent. It is appropriate to have more than one person in a position in the following circumstances; For a handover period two employees occupy the position. The position is designed to have multiple occupants – eg. Contractors may be set up in one position.


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