Digital Personnel Files in SAP HCM – part 2

Apart from standard attributes, we can add some more attributes as per our requirements. These attributes would be useful for record search and reporting purpose.

We can use standard RMS_ID ‘ASR_DPF’, which is the top entity under that we will keep all DPF related stuff.

I used standard Service Providers for Archive link documents, BOR objects, HCM Infotypes, General documents, Records and Record Models.

Under Service Providers, we will create custom element types for record model by copying standard element types or we can use standard ones as it is. We will do this in tcode: SRMREGEDIT.

In element type we have to assign classification parameters and connection parameter values based on type of element. The important connection parameter is document class which would be the content repository for that particular element.

Digital Personnel Files in SAP HCM

DPF(Digital Personnel Files) functionality in HCM, appears under HR Administrator services which is mainly based on SAP Records Management (better known as SAP Netweaver Folders Management).

DPF functionality with a folder structure contains some infotypes, BOR object and provision to
upload scanned documents

create a record model (tcode: ORGAZINER), which will have a folder structure that should appear as record.

RIM’s SAP HR implementation – real client study

RIM’s SAP Environment§RIM has been using SAP solutions since 2001 and HR since 2002§Current SAP version: ECC 6.0§Modules:§HR, FI/CO, SD, CFM, MM, PP, WM, QM, PA, plus other SAP products such as BI and CRM§One global instance supporting 5000+ usersRIM Objectives§Handling a constantly changing workforce§Org chart posted daily§Handling rapid global growth§Continue business process improvements and provide tools, training and communications related to various programs and projects.§Provide solutions, information and innovation in support of Corporate and OD Objectives / Strategies.

§Examples: Coop turnover, internal employee life-cycle changes, annual bonuses

Manual data entry§PA40, PA30, PO13§Global updates keyed via spreadsheets provided§Global updates keyed via Word documents provided via email, fax or hardcopy§3 FTE HR Administrators keying§Coop turnover 3x per year was a ‘major’ event affecting all HR teams

§Test new recordings on non-production system first§New users/new transactions practice on non-production system§Standard templates created for HR business to populate§Naming convention enables discovery and reuse of recordings


SAP HR, CRM, ERP to be supported by HANA

What is HANA? It is an in-memory DB from SAP.
check more here

News: 10th Jan, source: Seeking Alpha

SAP (SAP +2.9%) closes higher after announcing its core Business Suite ERP, CRM, and HR apps will now be supported by its popular Hana in-memory database. This significantly expands the addressable market for Hana, whose ability to enable real-time analytics and reporting for other SAP apps has already fueled blistering growth. Bernstein has predicted Hana support will also be extended to non-SAP apps. Oracle (ORCL) is trying to counter Hana via its costly Exadata X3 system.

Official SAP Forum for HR 2013

Dates: 19TH MARCH 2013 – 20TH MARCH 2013 

if interested register at

Application Maintenance – role and resposibility

  • Takes up ticket within time frame as mentioned in SLA agreements
  •  Updates ticket according to :
  •            Priority 
  •            Challenge 
  •            priority with HRO/Customer if needed
  • Fills in all ticket attributes correctly (request type, service type)
  • Makes analysis of ticket request / problem description
  • Proposes solution / solution description
  • Solves ticket, or ensure it has been assigned to the correct pool (Central / Local (Regional or in country) or solve
  • Uses Solution template
  • Pro-actively contacts other teams in order to discuss ticket solutions and status
  • Unit tests the solution in the Dev box and ensures the testing is documented
  • Ensures technical regression testing is carried out for system changes (to identify the impact on other technical system components) in the Dev box
  • Before closing ticket validates technical solution, transports and general status inline with SAS70 regulations

§ Quality:
o Looks after gaps and needs for improvement and improves services together with local team in agreement with the client if required
o Monitors and complies with SLA’s
o Is familiar with and utilizes Operational Excellence processes and templates
o Ensures functional and technical AMO documentation is updated following technical changes or HRSP implementations. Documentation and HRW must be up to date in order to enable other consultants to progress the work in case of an emergency.
§ Communicates with business partner (à HRO local service delivery Manager / customer Business partner in case of AMO contracts)
§ Ensures proper delivery of local change requests
    • Assists with the analysis of requirements, the proposed solution and the technical implementation and testing for change requests
Operational Excellence responsibility:
§ Works with development teams to ensure operations delivery according to the contract:
    • Knows the basics of the contract (SoS, SLA, Governance)
    • Knows local agreements and arrangements
    • Knows SAS 70 and (local) compliance agreements.
    • Works with global operations to ensure compliance of the contract with standards
Financial Operations:
§ Assists in the preparation of change request estimates
§ Is aware of the cost of delays and any contractual financial penalties
§ Is aware of the need for utilising a global delivery model and the benefits of using the lowest cost teams for completing the work


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree in any field but preferably in Computer Science or Information Technology 
  • Working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Experienced Employees specializing in IT/Computer – Software or equivalent.
  • Good technical skills
  • Knowledgeable in SAP
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work with teams in different locations

Working in SAP AG in India for women

 SAP’s rulebook allows employees to work one day a week from home.
SAP in India assigns a cab to a pregnant employee from her seventh month of pregnancy, which she can use to commute to work. She is assigned a buddy at the workplace — some one who is a mother already — with whom the pregnant employee can discuss problems and mood swings that she may be experiencing.
V R Ferose, till recently the head of SAP Labs India, started a programme to hire autistic people as employees. The autistic employees are also assigned buddies (another employee) to ensure they do not run into problems at work.


SAP HR analytics software package

  • Executive HR reporting, predefined HR and software content, customization if needed
  • Use it to track key HR Metrics through numbers and visualization (40+ key metrics)
  • 90+ measures
  • Communicates 1 clear/uniform message to executive
  • Improve decision making and HR strategies – reliable and accessible data
  • Expedite collaboration by easy sharing
  • Drill down into organization structure and cost center hierarchy to uncover trends
  • Custom reports already built can be integrated using Netweaver

Payroll area

SAP ERP system uses Payroll Areas to group employees for whom payroll should be run together, and at the same time. You can perform payroll separately for different employee groups, using different payroll areas. Which payroll area the employee belongs to depends on his or her organizational assignment. Employees who belong to different company codes can, for example, be grouped in the same payroll area.

SAP recommends that you use few Payroll areas as possible. For example, an organization may pay employees on 28th of the current period and another at the beginning of the subsequent month so at least two payroll areas must be created.

When you run payroll, you must specify the payroll area in the payroll driver selection screen. The Payroll Area has the following functions:

* Determines the exact Payroll Period.

* Select the personnel numbers grouped under the Payroll Area.