Hiring/Maintaing a new employee

SAP Menu -> Human Resources -> Personnel Management -> HR Master Data 
-> PA40 – Enter Personnel Actions

To Enter a new Employee 

1. Input the Personnel No.
2. Input the From date
3. Select the line Hiring by clicking the button 
4. Click the Execute button

If an employee exists, sap will prompt you the message :-

Person already hired
Message no. PG 002

SAP Menu -> Human Resources -> Personnel Management -> HR Master Data 
-> PA30 – Maintain HR Master Data (Employee Master Data)

Basic Personnel Tabstrips

Those with a Tick beside the line items means that information have been enter.

To change information, select the line items and click the Change button.

PA30 Tabstrips :- 

Basic Personnel Data 


.Family/Related Person

.Organizational Assignment


.Personal Data

.Maternity Protection/Parental Leave

.Bank details

.Military Service

.Contract Data 

.Leave Entitlement

Gross Net Payroll 

.Basic pay

.Company Insurance

Net Payroll 

Additional Payroll Data / Planning Data / Time

Employee Areas/SubAreas

Employe Group – The employee group subdivides employees into various categories
For e.g.

1. External

2. Active

3. Pensioner

Employee Subgroup – Employees are differentiated further within the employee group. Active employees are differentiated according to their status – trainee, hourly wage or salaried employee etc.

The employee subgroup grouping for the Personnel Calculation Rule allows you to define different payroll procedures for different employee subgroups,

for e.g. you can specify whether an employee pay should be accounted on an hourly or monthly basis.

IMG -> Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Human Resources Management

-> Employee Groups

-> Employee Subgroups

How to run an action – PA40

Here we depict how to run an action on an employee. Org-reassignment is depicted below. Similarly other actions as well can be executed.

During the course of a person employment, the employee may changes positions, cost centers, or is moved to another subsidiary and the organizational assignment need to be change.

Do take note that you cannot change the employee’s payroll area for a period for which the employee’s payroll has already run. You can only change the payroll area at the end of the payroll period.

In Personnel ActionsPA40 :-

1. Input the Personnel Number

2. Select Organizational reassignment and click the execute button

3. Input the Start date for the reassignment

4. Click the save button and the Position Change screen will appear

5. Save your entries

6. A number of infotypes screen will come up (normal working times, basic pay, etc). Fill in all the required details and save each of them.

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Maintaining Features

To maintain Features, we can either directly update the tables or update using the decision tree.

To update using the decision tree use the transaction code PE03.
After that type in the Name of the feature.
Click the Edit  button.
In the decision tree view, you can update the tree by Clicking the new, edit and delete buttons.

Decisioning can be based on Countries (MOLGA), Organizational Unit (ORGEH), etc.
After changing the features, make sure you have activated the feature using activate button.