SAP HR/HCM – Version differences

Basic SAP differences
  • Unicode was used from ECC 5.0 and upwards, Upto SAP 4.7 – Nonunicode was used.
  • 4.6C has ABAP stack, 5.0 and 6.0 have netweaver component (Java is additional)
  • For installing SAP ECC6.0 Solution Manager Key is required. Previously it was not required
  • Features and configurations were done using the tables directly, in ECC5.0 and upwards, it is dont using the IMG nodes.
  • Integration with SOA was possible after ECC6.0
Check functionality-wise differences in this link

Links to PPT’s

This is the link to the SAP Basics PPT.

Read/Download this if you want to know the basics of SAP, what is ERP, what modules does SAP provide, etc.Ā 
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WRICEF (also called RICEFW, RICEF)

WRICEF is an acronym commonly used in SAP projects for workflows, reports, interfaces, conversions, enhancements and forms
W workflow
R reports
I interfaces
C Conversion
E enhancements
F Forms
Sometimes also termed RICEFW or RICEF
WRICEF documents are prepared based on the blueprints and are also the most important to-be documents.