Training and Event Management – Basics

Infotypes in TEM || Reports in TEM || TEM in ESS
TEM processes can be divided into 5 areas:


Define Locations, Cost Items, Resources, Time Schedules etc
Bus Event Catalog:
Define Bus Event Groups, Business Types, Business Events
Day-to-Day activities:
Book, Rebook, Prebook, Replace and Cancel Atendees
Recurring activities:
Lock, Unlock Business Events, Follow-up Bus Events, Appraisals, Transfer Qualifications, etc
Billing and/or Cost Transfer:
Billing external attendees, Activity Allocation for Internal attendees and resources, Cost transfer etc
For Settings on the Business events and Trainings(Note: Training are also stored in SAP as business events):
Easy Access -> Human Resources -> Training and Even Management -> Settings 
-> Current Settings 

  • Configure Business Event Group(OOEG) and Business Event Type(OOET)
  • Set up a Business Event (also used for training program) (PSV2)
  • Add participants to this particula Business Event in advance
  • Add Internal/External faculty, select location, set up Cost centres

SAP’s solution for LMS (Learning Management System) is called LSO (Learning Solutions Online)