CATS – Configuration

SAP’s official documentation on CATS configuration can be found at

To make configuration easier, refer to this excel

This excel contains gives a model of the accesses that needs to given for 3 different profiles – employee, manager and time admin.

Archiving of data from CATSDB: When the data becomes too huge, consider archiving the data. Though archiving is done by technical associates, functional associates would have to stipulate the timing of the archiving.

Some terms that are commonly used:
Yellow time: Unapproved time
Green time: Approved time

For additional Time sheet related questions refer to this link

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  1. Quite good, I have a query – <BR/>We are using CAT2, and the requirement is – <BR/>Once a timesheet is approved, then the user should not be allowed to enter any more time. Can we put a check that user can release only one record for 1 day (I have already put a check that the total for a day should be atleast 8 hours before releasing/saving) –

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