CATS – Transfer to PS

Transfer to Project System 
You can use report RCATSPS (Time Sheet: Transfer to Project System) to transfer time sheet data to Project System. The report generates confirmations for networks and, if necessary, goods movements for backflushes.

You can transfer time sheet data that is assigned the processing status 30 (Approved) or 60 (Canceled). The report transfers the data from the interface table CATSPS to Project System.

When the system generates confirmations for networks, it triggers activity allocation in Controlling at the same time.

The control key must specify that the operation may be confirmed. If it does not, the data is transferred to Controlling.

Transferring canceled data to Project System can adversely affect system performance. When the report transfers canceled records, it reads all the confirmations for the relevant operation for each cell that has been changed in the time sheet. The load on the system increases accordingly.

SAP recommends therefore that you

· Use only networks that have been created for a relatively short period

The more confirmations generated for a network, the poorer the report’s performance when canceling confirmations.

· Specify in the Number of tasks field that the report generates several tasks for each transfer, if you have performance problems

· You select the records you want to transfer by personnel number, period, network number or document number.

· If you do not want the current date to be the posting date of the transferred records, you can manually enter the posting date you require. You can also determine the posting date you require for cancellations.

· For optimum performance, you can distribute the data you want to transfer over several tasks. You specify how many tasks in the relevant field.

· If another user is processing a network when you run the report, the network is locked. You can enter a number of lock attempts for the report. The report then attempts to perform the transfer as many times as you have specified.

· If you want to enter services for an operation without this affecting the scheduling of the network, select Transfer without dates. The report then transfers the records without the actual start and finish.

· For a detailed list of the data that has been transferred, select the Log option.

· If you only want to check which data will be successfully transferred and if any data will generate errors, select Test run.

If you select the Log option, the system displays a log after the transfer is complete.

If the report was not able to post some of the records in Project System, it also generates an error pool. The records containing errors are flagged as transferred. You can postprocess them in Project System. Note however if you do this that the data in Project System is no longer consistent with the data in the Time Sheet.

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