OM Infotypes

In some respects, OM infotypes are similar to PA infotypes:

  1. Each infotypes has validity period (begin date and end date)
  2. Infotypes are described by time constraints (the difference is that OM infotypes vary for different objects
Infotype 1000 is the basis for OM information. Each organizational object has a record of infotype 1000.
Examples where custom infotypes were created:
  • Positions are linked to holiday premuim pay, night shift allowance
  • Jobs need specific experience needs, competencies
T777I contains the OM infotypes. We need to add an entry in this table for new infotypes.
The master data stored in OM infotypes will be stored in HRP* tables. for example, relationship (infotype 1001) will be stored in HRP1001 table.
For a real-time scenario which needs new OM infotypes click here
For more details on how to prepare OM infotypes click here 

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