Creating custom fields in CATS

To add a few fields in main CATS data entry screen, add those fields in structure CI_CATSDB (This structure is customer extension of the CATSDB table). Assign these fields to the data entry profile.

1. In the IMG, go to Create Customer Fields, then Make Field Assignment,
which takes you to table TCAFI. Create your custom field there, and SAP
will assign a number. This Step will add the field to
the CATS.

2. In Create Customer Fields, go to Add customer fields to field selection. (These screens are confusing)
In the Data entry section, you need to enable your custom field in both the Influencing and Modifiable sections. “Modifiable” is a
global setting; click the radio button to allow input for “Additional
field 1″. Then go to the influencing screen, enter your CATS profile,
and allow input for “additional field 1”. So I suggest to make sure you
have this field enabled for input in both the influencing and modifiable

Now you should see the field in the CATS timesheet.

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