AS-IS Phase, AS IS Documents

If you are capturing various as-is HR Processes at your client’s company and would like to understand various data changes that happen during each process, then the below grid would be very helpful for you.

If you want to know what is AS-IS documents, process, read below:

What a funcional Consultant does during AS-IS process?

1) Attends a series of meeting with the client – mainly to capture the organizational structure of the company, the different work schedules, leave types, pay scales, etc. The objective of these meetings is to the gather the existing HR processes and structure of the company

2) Depending on what modules of SAP HR are being implemented, different questions need to be put forward to the client. A complete set of Blueprinting questions can be found here.

3) Prepares the business blue printing (BBP) documents describing the complete AS-IS process

4) Flow charts should be included in the as-is blue print process flow document describing the complete process.

5) Next is the TO-BE process that will be implemented in SAP. This is based on the decision the project group arrives at taking into consideration the existing processes in the company and the functionality that SAP provides. It still awaits approval from the management.

6) After that there will be some things which cannot be implemented in SAP, the gaps are identified. These gaps are to be documented in white paper for the client and would presented to an audience chosen by the project manager.

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