How to run an action – PA40

Here we depict how to run an action on an employee. Org-reassignment is depicted below. Similarly other actions as well can be executed.

During the course of a person employment, the employee may changes positions, cost centers, or is moved to another subsidiary and the organizational assignment need to be change.

Do take note that you cannot change the employee’s payroll area for a period for which the employee’s payroll has already run. You can only change the payroll area at the end of the payroll period.

In Personnel ActionsPA40 :-

1. Input the Personnel Number

2. Select Organizational reassignment and click the execute button

3. Input the Start date for the reassignment

4. Click the save button and the Position Change screen will appear

5. Save your entries

6. A number of infotypes screen will come up (normal working times, basic pay, etc). Fill in all the required details and save each of them.

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