SAP HR Interview Questions – Set 2

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Q: We are in the service industry and have employees working in multiple cities on the same day. The system seems to allow one taxing authority per day. But the taxing authority needs to be picked up from the Service Order ideally . Can we achieve this?

A: You can create multiple infotypes 0208 (work tax area) for the same employee and the same day. Use the ‘allocation percent’ field . There is no integration however between time management and the work tax area. You may copy infotype 0208 to IT 9208. Infotype 0208 may be used to store the default work tax area and IT 9208 may be used to store the multiple work tax area. Create IT 9208 based on data from your external time management system.

Q: We use clocking machine for recording employee clock-in/out . All the data is stored in a ‘flat’ file which is supposed to be uploaded into SAP. When tried to open and read the flat file using OPEN DATASET and READ DATASET commands, the Sy-subrc value returned is 8 and the error message ‘the specified file not found’ is displayed. We checked the path and the file is in the correct location. What is missing?

A: Check the path once again. Check the upper and lower cases. Define you parameter file name like filename-fileextern. Depending on the place where the flat file resides, the procedure varies. OPEN DATASET is used for upload of file from the host system. If your flat (text) file is on the PC, you can use the function WS_UPLOAD which will upload your text file into an internal table. This internal table data can be loaded into SAP. The syntax is as follows:

FILENAME = pcfile
FILELENGTH = fileleng
DATA_TAB = internal table name
Please note that you have to specify the pcfile of length 128.

Q: We want to make a copy of an organizational structure from one plan variant to another. This copy should include all assignments like purchasing groups to organizational units made in PFOM . Can we do this?

A: Make sure that the plan number is established through the IMG. (And that it is not the active plan.)
Go Human Resources -> Organizational Management Tools -> Plan version -> Copy.
It runs RHCOPL00. All or any portion of the plan maybe copied and manipulated and then copied back in to the active plan.

Q: We have a requirement to calculate leave entitlement at the anniversary year not calendar year. The leaves have both paid and unpaid components. The paid component is based on time worked. The unpaid component is based on years of service. Leave taken is reduced from both entitlements depending on employee’s request. We are using a Schema based on TM04 which calls Cycles TS15, TS10. What is th ebest way to handle this?

A: You can use field ‘DAUER’ for seniority based vacation entitlement in the VAC01->VAC99 features. Time worked is not part of the feature structure (PME03). However you may create your own source code to make a decision on any field even if it does not belong to the feature structure. Check feature VAC01.

Q: We have multiple ORGs as we have many subsidiaries of our Parent company. These subsidiaries are defined as ORG and are assigned an ORG-ID. Within each ORG, we have Divisions (e.g. Human Resources, Finance, Materials etc.) and within each division we have Departments (e.g. Payroll, Labor Relations, etc.). We plan to use Personnel Development( PD). What is that we have to consider in this case?

A: You have to consider how the company wants to see its reports while designing the HR organizational structure in PD. You have address the question: for headcount or regulatory reports to which level does the company need to report, to the division, department, group or team level. You have to design the SAP organizational structure to support the lowest level required. Lower the more levels of detail, the more maintenance required.

Q: How can we configure the options for the Assgn Form. No. field on Infotype 210. It is the alternate formula to assign tax field and we have been unable to locate the table in the IMG to edit the options.

A: Options for the BSI Tax Formula can not be configured.
Possible entries are available in BTXFORM, and they depend on the ‘tax authority’ ( BTXAUTH) and the ‘tax type’ (BTXTAXT). Use data dictionary to check existing entries. This data comes from BSI. Tax calculations are done in the
BSI programs (via RFC from the USTAX function in the payroll schema).

Q: We are using the US HR/PAYROLL module. We are able to create the entry to credit the accrued payroll account. But our check writing process does not produce any accounting entries when we create a pay check or run our EFT process(RFFOUS_T). Should RFFOUS_C produce an accounting entry to debit the payroll payable account and credit the cash account ?

A: RFFOCUS_C does not produce any accounting entries. During the FI/CO interface run , 559 wage types may be posted to your cash account

Q: We have approximately 10000 zip codes. We want to relate the eligibility group to the zip code. We do not want to create 20000 eligibility groups. Which is the best way to configure basing eligibility for HMO’s on zip codes?

A: Try to group the zip codes by the HMO’s they belong to. Then create benefit groups and programs for the unique combinations. You can create as many benefit groups as required and use the employee zipcode to select the benefit group the employee is eligible for. You may also look at user exit 2.

Q: We are using the PAI user exit in MP000800 screen 2000 to modify the BET01 field. After modifying the value, the value is not re displayed. However the updated value is saved on commit. Why the value is not displayed after modification?

A: Yes. It is True. You may have to apply OSS.

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