Travel Management – Basics

Travel Management provides management of all travel activities including booking trips and handling of expenses associated with travel.

What can be done using Travel Management?
Using SAP Travel management, companies can track thier employees travel requests, reimbursements, travel expenses, online booking, etc.

1. Pre-trip approval – (configure spend limits), online booking, setting up workflow for approval process, we can also setup expense reporting to be automatically get approved(without waiting for workflow) if it is less than a limit.
2. Online booking integration – partners like amadeus, galileo/apollo, sabre.
3. Expense report submission – this form helps to submit travel expense reports
4. Approval workflow – approval workflow can be setup.
5. Expense reimbursement – integration to payroll, financials
6. Reporting – there are a number of standard reports that SAP provides.
Travel Management – Features
For Travel configuration, the following are the important features that are maintained:
TRVFD – travel fields
TRVFR – form variant for travel request
TRVFP – form variant for travel plan
TRVFE – form variant for travel expenses
Infotypes in Travel Management

470 – Travel Profile
471 – Flight preferences
472 – Hotel preferences
473 – Car rental preferences
474 – Train preferences
475 – Customer programs
017 – Travel priviledges
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