Employee Grievance – Infotype 102

The Grievance Process is triggered when an employee files a formal complaint against another employee or when a Supervisor, Manager, or the Human Resources department needs to document discipline for an employee. This process will also be utilized to document any necessary Grievance Resolution.

The Grievance Process has two steps: A grievance is filed against an employee and documented, and the discipline resulting from the filed Grievance is documented.

Use Transaction Code PA30, Go to infotype 102 (Grievances) and press Create button.

Select the subtype of grievance – (1 Greivance, 2 Discipline, 3 Harassment)

Select reason for grievance, supervisor name, grievance status etc.

10 thoughts on “Employee Grievance – Infotype 102

  1. says

    hi,<BR/><BR/>I am working on Indian payroll but i checked this infotype but it is giving a msg IT (0102) not permitted. I have to create new Infotype to maintain. <BR/><BR/>Regds<BR/>Bharathi.

  2. says

    Hi Bharathi,<BR/><BR/>I don’t think Grievance is applicable for IN. From what I can see, it applies only to US. For India if you want to maintain grievances – please go for a custom infotype.<BR/><BR/>Thanks – Ananth

  3. Anonymous says

    Hi<br />Can anyone tell me, if I have a grievance pending for exemption from shifts, we never use to work shifts and I am a single mother, do I remain as I use to work until the grievance is settled?<br />Lynette

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