RIM’s SAP HR implementation – real client study

RIM’s SAP Environment§RIM has been using SAP solutions since 2001 and HR since 2002§Current SAP version: ECC 6.0§Modules:§HR, FI/CO, SD, CFM, MM, PP, WM, QM, PA, plus other SAP products such as BI and CRM§One global instance supporting 5000+ usersRIM Objectives§Handling a constantly changing workforce§Org chart posted daily§Handling rapid global growth§Continue business process improvements and provide tools, training and communications related to various programs and projects.§Provide solutions, information and innovation in support of Corporate and OD Objectives / Strategies.

§Examples: Coop turnover, internal employee life-cycle changes, annual bonuses

Manual data entry§PA40, PA30, PO13§Global updates keyed via spreadsheets provided§Global updates keyed via Word documents provided via email, fax or hardcopy§3 FTE HR Administrators keying§Coop turnover 3x per year was a ‘major’ event affecting all HR teams

§Test new recordings on non-production system first§New users/new transactions practice on non-production system§Standard templates created for HR business to populate§Naming convention enables discovery and reuse of recordings

Source: winshuttle.com

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