Errors in Payroll Reports


Please do not enter a period

You have entered a payroll period but the radio button says "Current Period". Either delete period entry to use the current Period or change radio button to "Other Period"

Error when retrieving results: CLUSTER DIRECTORY NOT FOUND

Your selection criteria have not yielded any employees. Check the criteria, in particular that the payroll period exists.


SAP HR tickets/Common errors – Absence & Attendance Entry


First day is a day of

Warns that the first day of the absence or attendance period is a non-working day for this employee.

Last day is a day off

Warns that the last day of the absence or attendance period is a non-working day for this employee.

All days in the period are days off

Alerts you that every day of the absence or attendance period is a non-working day for this employee.

No validity interval for key 1 08 05

This occurs when you try and enter an absence quota for an employee whose absence quota does not exist in the validity period as a default value. The table is T559V.

This will cause leave entitlement to become negative

  • Check leave balance in Leave View if required
  • Confirm with supervisor that negative leave is approved
  • Enter the absence ensuring that you select the appropriate absence subtype for negative leave

Please enter indicator OR absence/attendance type

When using the push button Abs./attendances in Calendar View for bringing up the data entry box for Absence/Attendance, an entry in one or other of the columns marked 'AC' and 'STy.' is required – not both.

No data stored for leave entitlement for the selected period

No data is currently held on infotype 0005. Create the record.

No entry in table T551C for key 0GR071998081 10000000000

Check to make sure you have assigned the period work schedule valuation classes and counting classes. The two IMG Paths are as follows:

Time Management Time Recording Absences Absence Catalog Absence Counting Define counting classes for period work schedule


Time Evaluation Time Evaluation with Data from Sub System/Time Evaluation Without Clock Times Time Wage Type Selection and Overtime Compensation Define valuation classes for period work schedules

"No entry in table T551C for key 10GR071998081

The error message number is P2501. When I try to get the help for the message, I find the help contains nothing more except the message ID. Table T551C entries required on the 11/08/2998 for absence type GR07


Common Errors – Personnel Event – Hire or Org/Pay Change


Number range nn is internal; please do not enter a personnel number

Personnel numbers are assigned automatically from an internal range. Delete the entry in the Personnel Number field – the system will provide the number.

No entry in table T530 for xx

You need to enter a valid "Reason for Action"

Person and Position have different Personnel Areas

This happens when hiring several employees in the same session. The system defaults to the Personnel Area of the person you hired last hired in the session – What to do.

  • Delete the default entries for the Personnel Area, Employee Group and Employee Subgroup
  • Click "Enter" – This will default in the correct Personnel Area, Employee Group and Employee Subgroup as per the Position
  • If correct select Save

A008 relationships of S 500xxxx exceed working hours by nnn.nn%

This position may have more than one incumbent. It is appropriate to have more than one person in a position in the following circumstances; For a handover period two employees occupy the position. The position is designed to have multiple occupants – eg. Contractors may be set up in one position.


Common errors – Recurring Payments and Deductions

Amount is impermissible entry This wage type does not allow direct entry of an amount. The wage type characteristics (table T511) have been set up to allow the entry of a number of units instead.
Always enter both number and unit. This is one of those odd messages. The wage type wants just an amount and you have entered either:

  • a number and no amount, or;
  • a number and an amount,
  • a unit and an amount

Enter an amount with no number or unit.

Do not enter units for wage type xxxx Clear these fields and enter an amount instead.
Please enter an amount Both number and amount are blank. Enter a value as appropriate.

Tickets in SAP HR – Error message – Basic Pay


No Entry in table T529Q for period modifier 03 for time xx.xx.xxxx

Check table T510w to ensure that all the ESG for CAP point to the correct period modifiers rather than a default one.

Employee not selected during payroll run

Check that you have chosen the correct payroll area on the selection screen. Check that the employee is active in the chosen payroll period.


SAP HR Tickets/Common issues – Planned Working Time

ATTENTION: Please check Basic Pay data The field “Monthly Working Hours” in IT 0007 must have the same value as “Work hours/period” in IT 0008. This value is fed into the field on IT 0008 from IT 0007 when the initial hire action is carried out. Use a dynamic action (table T588Z) to update this field on IT 0007 whenever IT 0008 is modified.
Monthly WS deleted or does not exist for The work schedule allocated to this employee has not been generated.

Tickets in SAP HR – Common Error Messages

Error Message
Reason for Error and Solution thereof
No data stored for xxxxxx in the selected period The date or radio button in the “Period” box is before the employee’s hire date. Change the period by inserting specific start and end dates.
You have locked key PREL ######## [Pers No.] The employee is currently being maintained in another session. Close one of the sessions and continue to maintain the employee.
Key PREL ######## locked by user ######## The employee is being maintained by another user. Use transaction code PA20 if you only wish to display information. Contact the other user – who may have finished updating this employee.
Payroll area M1 is locked for on-line maintenance You have attempted to change payroll data whilst the payroll is locked for processing. Exit the current screen and wait until payroll processing is complete or change the control record (transaction code PA03) if you are not in your Production client and you have the required security access to do so.
Data entry for correction period; payroll area M1 The change is being made whilst the payroll control record is in a correction. This will ensure that this employee will be processed as part of the next matchcode W payroll run.
Enter data for payroll past (retrospective accounting) The master data changes made affects previously generated results. The employees infotype 3 (field: “Earliest MD Change”) will be updated to allow the payroll to carry out retroactive calculations.
To period of record will be delimited to The existing infotype record will have the “To” date delimited to the day before the new record you have entered.
This record will cause another record to be deleted The infotype record you are creating or changing will replace the previous infotype record.
No Entry in Table xxxxx Entries need to be added to this table. Use transaction code SM31 to add the entries. If you would like to know where in the IMG these entries are entered – use the customising option on SM31.
Wage Type not allowed for ESG/PSG … This relates to wage type permissibility. Check the settings on table T511_B for the wage type’s entries for ESG or PSG. Check to see whether this employee should, in fact, be allowed this wage type. If they are, then amend the configuration.

Payroll Control Record

SAP HR Payroll is basically controlled by 4 status of a Payroll Control Record. Payroll Control Record is tied to employee via IT0001.

Released for Payroll:

  • Payroll Control Record is now in ‘Released for Payroll’ status
  • Past and present HR Master Data is locked for those particular employees. However ,future dated changes in master data are permitted in your SAP system.
  • If the payroll is released from the “Exit” stage, the system rolls into the next payroll period, increases the payroll area period number by 1 in the Payroll Control Record (for example, from period 01/2012 to 02/2012).

Run Payroll:

  • You execute the payroll run for one payroll area, by running tcode PC00_M13_CALC for Australia
  • If errors occur, you will get a list of employees rejected during the payroll run. The system has stored the employees rejected during the payroll run in something called “Matchcode W”.
  • Only at this stage, PCL2 is actually updated

Released for Corrections:

  • Payroll Control Record is set to “Released for Correction”.
  • Past and present HR Master Data for those particular employees is now unlocked for corrections.
  • You should make appropriate corrections to fix the payroll errors for example adjusting data in IT0008, IT0014, IT0015, IT2010, etc..
  • Once you have made the appropriate corrections, you need to Release Payroll and Start Payroll using Matchcode W, which will only select the employees that were rejected during the previous payroll run.
  • You can cycle between the “Released for Corrections” and “Released for Payroll” stages as many times as necessary.
  • Employees who require corrections can be seen in their IT0003, where the checkbox for Payroll correction is ticked

 Exit Payroll:

  • Payroll Control Record is set to Exit Payroll.
  • Past and present HR Master Data for those particular employees is now unlocked in your SAP system.
  • The payroll run is closed off for the particular period. You cannot go backwards in respect to payroll results.

SAP HR/HCM – OM : Relationships

The relationships used between standard SAP object types are predefined and should not be changed. Each relationship in SAP will have a three digit key in combination with either an A or B. When the user builds the first relationship, the reciprocal relationship is assumed by the system when appropriate. Examples of relationship keys follow:

Relationship Key Relationship
O to O
(Org to Org)
A (Child) 002 Reports to
O to O
(Org to Org)
B (Parent) 002 Is Line
Supervisor of
S to O
(Position to Org)
A (Child) 003 Belongs to
S to O
(Position to Org)
B (Parent) 003 Incorporates
C to S
(Job to Position)
A (Child) 007 Describes
C to S
(Job to Position)
B (Parent) 007 Is Described by

SAP HR tickets/common errors – Bank Details


Retroactive entries allowed only up to the xx yyyy

Banking details cannot be created or changed for pay periods that have already had the EFT transfer run. Change the "From" date to the start of the next pay period.