• The form editor includes certain validation. This validation precludes you from entering, for example, a field where it clashes with another field. To get around this, you can enter the fields directly on the tables holding the form entries (table T512E/F etc). If there is a clash then the one will overwrite the other.
  • If you wish to copy a SAP standard form that exists within client 000, you can do so using the menu path in the IMG –> Forms –> Remuneration Statement –> Copy Standard Form
  • If you wish to stop everyone from being able to modify the form, change the attributes to allow only a designated person to modify the form.
  • Remember that when forms are placed in transport requests, it is the snapshot of the form, at that time that is saved. Be careful then, when more than one person is working on the form – especially when it comes to the order of the transports.
  • When creating a new form, you will invariably copy another form which closely matches the desired form. Remember to look at the size of the form you are copying. You may be constrained later on – if you are wishing to increase the form area.
  • If the table or field you wish to print on the payslip, is not available, then you can add the table entries to table T514K and the field entries to table T514N. You need to enter the table entry first and then the field entry.
  • When setting up the windows for payments and deductions, use the entry **F2 to catch all the wage types with the setting of F2 on evaluation class 02.
  • To show the text of a payroll area on the remuneration statement. In the HR Form editor, single fields sub-object, use table VERSC (header data from payroll results) and use table field ABKRS (payroll area). In the print options, ensure that 01 is in the conversion box to “replace key with text”

Copying a Standard Payslip

Whenever you wish to copy a SAP standard payslip

  • Copy the standard form from client 000 to your client (transaction code PDF8).
  • Copy the standard form you have copied to another form name (using the customer naming convention – starting with Z.)
  • Never copy across country versions – always choose a standard form in your own country version.

Compress Payslip

  • Use the transaction code SPAD.
  • Device formats – change
  • Device type: your printer type
  • Format : existing format (X_65_80 or another)
  • Device formats copy to new device format
  • Modify the printer initialization (escape sequences).

Payslip Display – Retro Amounts

You wish to show retro calculation payments separately on the same payslip or together with the current monthly amount

  • Look at the front screen of the remuneration statement. Look at the different options offered at the bottom of the screen.

Page Numbers on a Payslip

You wish to display payslip page numbers.

  • Create field “xrt-pagno” in individual fields (form editor) for page number of remuneration statement.

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