SAP HR Tickets and errors in Payroll

Change too far in payroll past Appears if you want to change an infotype relevant to retroactive accounting and the start date for this infotype lies before the earliest retroactive accounting limit
Employee not selected during payroll run Check that you have chosen the correct payroll area on the selection screen. Check that the employee is active in the payroll period that you have chosen.
No entry in table T529Q for period modifier 03 for time 01.04.2001-06-20 This error message is misleading as this table does not exist. It actually points to table T549Q which in turn points to table T510W. This table holds the link between the payscale type and area and the period parameter. The permissible entries may point to a weekly period parameter – which is fine for weekly employees. Get the monthly combinations to point to a monthly period parameter eg 51 – GB Monthly.
Deletion forbidden Results has been posted with posting run <nnnnnnnn> An error occurs when attempting to delete employee’s records whose payroll results have been posted to finance.

  • Using transaction PU03, ensure the Accounted To, Earliest MD change and Recal.follow-up prog dates have been removed.
  • Using transaction PU00, select all infotypes and delete the employee.

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