SAP e-Recruiting – Internal and External candidate

Differentiate between Internal and External Candidate

Whether a candidate is internal or external is not stored in the tables of sap e-recruiting (HRP5102 does not have any such flag). The system checks if the central person (CP) of the candidate (NA) is related to an employee id (P) via a relation in HRP1001 and the relation is valid today. Then the system checks for IS_INACTIVE flag is SPACES in HRP5102.

This check can be done manually or using  CL_HRRCF_*_BL (service classes of e-Recuiting)

Flow of data

In a distributied scenario (I2-A and I2-B) employee master data is transferred to SAP E-recruitment and the internal candidates and related objects are created automatically.

During this process all employee’s basic master data are mapped into specific EREC infotypes.

In order to control the flow of data:

Modify the distribution model in the HR system (transaction BD64)

Limit which basic data is sent (some data is required in order to create the business partner object)

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