Implement SAP Success Factors to replace parts of SAP HR

If you have already implemented SAP HR for Payroll, Personnel Management, etc. it would be ideal to add SAP Success Factors as a value add or completely replace in house implementation of SAP HR/HCM with new PaaS.

SAP Success Factors is a cloud based solution. SAP SuccessFactors was founded in 2001 and acquired by SAG AG’s US subsidiary, SAG America, in 2011. It provides Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud solutions, covering the needs of 45 million people/employees in more than 6,000 organizations worldwide, according to Gartner, Forester and IDC. SAP SuccessFactors also provide open, industry-standard integration, technologies, API, and events. You can extend SAP SuccessFactors’s functionality by integrating it with other HRM applications with the following functions:

  • Payroll
  • Identity Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Time Management
  • Pre-hire Screening
  • ERP


SAP Success Factors

It can add a lot of value to existing SAP HCM/HR system as it has the following modules:

  • Employee Central -This module is a collection of data and knowledge about employees and is the basis for the implementation of other elements. Employee Central lets you automate the basic HR processes. It increases employees’ efficiency and HR managers, by giving them tools to quickly access the key information – even from a smartphone! All functions are presented on graphic dashboards. SuccessFactors Employee Central provides simple way for workers to monitor their attendance and verify their overtime. In compliance with rules assigned to each employee, the module automatically measures time and payment.  The system measures the hours worked based on the working time reported by the workers and decides the required overtime based on the configured regulations. Such laws are versatile, and often tailored for company. With them, you can report your time and attendance by an intuitive, single click.
  • Performance and Goals -A special, end-to-end management process helps you to review past outcomes reliably and optimize future ones. Employees get feedback. The input motivates them to improve their productivity and produce even better outcomes.
  • Succession & Development – helps manage employee development by creating plans to build their competences. Supports the organization of employees’ replacements.
  • Remuneration Management – a tool to effectively motivate employees by creating and executing remuneration models.
  • Training – a platform for the organization and implementation of training, equipped with mechanisms for assessing results and progress.
  • Recruitment – A tool that organizes the recruiting process, enabling you to easily, efficiently and effectively carry out this process.
  • Onboarding -A platform that enables employees to be introduced in the life of the business to identify all the required stages of apprenticeship and the degree of employee acquisition. 
  • Workforce Planning, Analytics and reporting – is a teams building tool, choosing members in terms of the required competences, experience, and availability.
  • SAP JAM – It is forum for knowledge sharing between employees. It serves as an intranet and the internal Social Media site of the organization.
  • Employee Assessments

Advantages of SAP SuccessFactors

Fast ROI and low TCO
SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud solution that can implemented very quickly, it can cost a fraction in upfront costs and no maintenance or upgrade costs as the infrastructure is maintained by cloud provider.

User Experience and easy adaptation

An appealing and intuitive user interface that meets the needs of users.  Simple access from different hardware platforms, like mobile solutions, to the device. 

Scalability and flexibility

The chance to start the SuccessFactors implementation from any part that addresses the most critical business needs and expands at any time with additional elements. If the organization grows and hence the number of employees increases, the implementation does  not require infrastructure planning and changes, but rather the simple purchase of higher capacity.

Comprehensive support

SuccessFactors offers HCM end-to-end processes with robust assistance. It offers the possibility of integration with external systems (not just SAP), such as supporting the estimation of payrolls. 

Rich content and good practices

Based on the best management practices, the framework is configured. It also provides rich business material and other catalogs, competencies and goals.


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