Tickets in SAP HR – Common Error Messages

Error Message
Reason for Error and Solution thereof
No data stored for xxxxxx in the selected period The date or radio button in the “Period” box is before the employee’s hire date. Change the period by inserting specific start and end dates.
You have locked key PREL ######## [Pers No.] The employee is currently being maintained in another session. Close one of the sessions and continue to maintain the employee.
Key PREL ######## locked by user ######## The employee is being maintained by another user. Use transaction code PA20 if you only wish to display information. Contact the other user – who may have finished updating this employee.
Payroll area M1 is locked for on-line maintenance You have attempted to change payroll data whilst the payroll is locked for processing. Exit the current screen and wait until payroll processing is complete or change the control record (transaction code PA03) if you are not in your Production client and you have the required security access to do so.
Data entry for correction period; payroll area M1 The change is being made whilst the payroll control record is in a correction. This will ensure that this employee will be processed as part of the next matchcode W payroll run.
Enter data for payroll past (retrospective accounting) The master data changes made affects previously generated results. The employees infotype 3 (field: “Earliest MD Change”) will be updated to allow the payroll to carry out retroactive calculations.
To period of record will be delimited to The existing infotype record will have the “To” date delimited to the day before the new record you have entered.
This record will cause another record to be deleted The infotype record you are creating or changing will replace the previous infotype record.
No Entry in Table xxxxx Entries need to be added to this table. Use transaction code SM31 to add the entries. If you would like to know where in the IMG these entries are entered – use the customising option on SM31.
Wage Type not allowed for ESG/PSG … This relates to wage type permissibility. Check the settings on table T511_B for the wage type’s entries for ESG or PSG. Check to see whether this employee should, in fact, be allowed this wage type. If they are, then amend the configuration.

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