Looking for a job in SAP HR/HCM?

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Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do you want to work as a contractor or as a permanent employee?
  2. Do you have necessary work authorization?
  3. How much do you expect as salary?
  4. Which module are you best at? (For example, if you want to work as a SAP HR Functional consultant, you need to be strong at any one of the sub-modules)

(updated as on Jan 26th 2009)
The job market at this time is very tough. There are so many SAP functional consultants who are looking for a job. Most of those who apply are not even called for an interview. In these conditions, there are a few things that consultants need to keep in mind while applying for jobs.

  • Keep the resume to the point, never state items which you cannot stand by
  • Keywords scanning is normally used to reject out resumes, so make sure you include all relevant keywords
  • When sending out a resume for a specific job, modify the resume based on the specific requirement
  • Dont make the resume too technical – the recruiters are not going to check the table names, schema names, etc. They would just check if there are certain keywords.
  • Dont apply for the same job from different consultants – you will be rejected.
  • Follow up on your applications – dont hesitate to send e-mails or call up the recruiters to know what is your status
  • Prepare for the interviews before you can start applying for jobs.

Preparation for interview:

  • As there are a number of fake resumes around in place, the stress on activities that take place during an implementation phase or blueprinting phase are very common
  • Interviews can be upto one hour in some companies like IBM – so do prepare yourself to stay on for that long
  • For phone interviews have your notes handy so that you can quickly refer to them in case you forget some infotype names, table names, transaction codes, etc.

8 thoughts on “Looking for a job in SAP HR/HCM?

  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks,<br />it&#39;s very informative.<br />As a fresher, what is the best way to try for a Job in SAP HR.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi,<br /><br />I have 4yrs in HR, 1.6yrs in HR Admin and 2.6yrs in Hardcore IT and Non-IT Recruitment worked simultaeously, all 2.6yrs in IT Recruitment, and now i am planning to go in SAP HR side as a functional consultant, please let me know what the submodules i need to learn, and can only online training will help me out, without a training in institutes, as i have guidance from my husband

  3. Anonymous says

    As 2.6yrs experience in Recruitment, i feel the submodules like e-recruitment, ess-mss along with om, pa will help me out, pls guide me.

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