Integration of SAP HR with other SAP modules

SAP HR is integrated with a number of SAP modules such as FI, PS, WF, etc. It depends on whether your client needs integration and what level of integration they need. Some companies may have salaries linked to the employee’s sales – this requires integration of SD with payroll of HR module. Some others may need production planning to be linked to the employee’s shift and absences – in this case we use the data from SAP HR time management to integrate with SAP PP. Integration is WF with HR is very common – The organization structure defined in OM is very important in workflow to route the responsibilities to the respective employees. There are many such examples where SAP HR is integrated with other SAP modules.

The below list may be helpful to just see an overview:

PP, PM    – Time Management/Shift Planning
SD – Personnel Commision related data (infotypes 900 and 901)
FICO – Payroll, cost accounting, time reporting, travel expenses
WF – Routing tasks to correct staff
EIC (is CRM + HR) – all PA infotypes will be integrated
HR-SD Integration

HR personnel area == SD Sales Org
HR personnel subarea == SD Distribution channel or division

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