Features – Basics

Features are objects those that default values by quering different enterprise, personnel or data structure fields. The transaction code for features are pe03.

These below are the features to default and in which info type deal affected to:

Work Schedule Rule SCHKZ- IT0007
Pay Scale Data TARIF-IT0008
Wage Type Model LGMST-IT0008
Administrator groups PINCH-IT0001
Number Range Intervals NUMKR


Feature NUMKR is used to define whether the employee numbering created for such personnel area would be created internal (proposed by the system) or external assignment (User Define).

Feature TARIF can be used to default basic pay Info group entries per Personnel Sub Area based on pay scale type/area and its relationship with payscale group and leveling.

Another useful feature is ABKRS, that is the feature which defaults payroll area

The two ways of maintaining features are use using the table method or the tree method. The experienced sap hr consultants prefer the table method of configuring a feature whereas those who worked on 4.6 and later prefer the tree method.

5 thoughts on “Features – Basics

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    documentaion is good but it will be good <br />if u explain about table method and how to configure it. so that it will be verymuch usful to the learners

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    Hello Anand,<br /><br />I am planning to take SAP HR training. Here is my background…. I am a non-IT guy with some management experience back home. Will it be easy for me to get into HR without any hassles. I need your guidence to get into HR.Please advice.

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    Hi Keshav – You dont need to know any IT for doing SAP HR configuration. Understanding HR policies like retirement plans, compensation, leaves, appraisals, e-learning, etc is more important. If you understand 30% of these, then SAP HR configuring SAP HR is just like learning to use Microsoft excel or Word… hmm, a little tougher, but yes – you are fit for this.

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