Wage Type Processing Basic Concepts – part 2

Now copy the SAP-standard schema U000 to ZUA1 and comment out the initialization schema UIN0 (Figure 3).


Figure 3 Comment out the initialization schema UIN0


In the schema editor, create the production schema (don’t copy it from anything) in my example ZUA0. Be sure to check the Schema can be executed checkbox. (See Figure 4.) Only executable schemas can be entered into the payroll driver selection screen.


Figure 4 Check the Schema can be executed checkbox


The production schema ZUA0 is a simple one, just two lines. (See Figure 5.) First, you call the initialization schema, and then you call the main calculation schema ZUA1.


Figure 5 Schema ZUAO


Copy schema ZUA0 to your test schema ZUAT. (See Figure 6.) You want ZUAT to ignore the control record, so have it use schema UIN0 for initialization. Remember that CHECK ABR is commented out in UIN0. Therefore, both the production and test schemas now use the same calculation logic in schema ZUA1 – which keeps them in sync.


Figure 6 Copy schema ZUA0 to test schema ZUAT


Your custom rules for these examples will go in a copy of schema UAP0. Copy UAP0 to ZUA3 and add lines for each of the five examples. (See Figure 7.) Edit schema ZUA1 to COPY ZUA3 instead of COPY UAP0 (not shown).


Figure 7 Add lines for each of the five examples

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  2. Sir – Your blog post seems to be a full copy of supplementary information I wrote for the article ‘Understand Payroll Wage Type Processing: Payroll Schema and Rule Basics’ in SAP Insider’s ‘HR Expert’ newsletter – Volume 1 (2003), Issue 5 (August and September).<br /><br />This is a copyright violation and I would appreciate you removing this post.

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