Dynamic Action Configuration T588Z

Dynamic Actions are performed automatically by the system, depending on certain conditions. If maintaining one infotype has an effect on another infotype, the system automatically displays the second infotype for processing. Dynamic actions can run in the background i.e. the user does not see the run on the screen. A change in one field of an infotype might require, that certain other infotype be updated at the same time. The details can be specified as a dynamic event. It is automatically triggered by the system.

Example 1 – The Personal Data(0002) infotype is newly created, and the Number of children field is filled. Once the record is saved, the system automatically displays the Family/Related Person (0021) infotype and the Child subtype (2) for processing to enter the details about the spouse and the children.

Example 2 – An employee is hired, and the probationary period is entered in infotype Contract Elements(0016). Once this information is saved, the system automatically displays a record from the Monitoring of Dates (0019) infotype and the subtype Expiry of probation (1) for processing.

IMG Path for configuring the Dynamic Action:
IMG -> Personnel management -> Personnel administration -> Customize procedures -> Dynamic actions.

Table: T588Z.

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