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About Infotype 0302

The Situation: SAP do not allow storing two infotypes of Time Constraint 1 with the same subtype on the same day, because it would be mean the delimitation date for both will be the same, in which case first Infotype would be overwritten by the latter one.

Under What circumsatances: Why would one want to Run Two Action on SAME DAY?
Many occasions when an employee may experience multiple personnel actions on the same day.

EX.1: There are occasions where a person could be ending maternity leave and starting a career break on the same day
EX 2: You hired an employee on a certain day and then for some reason you need to perform, Transfer Action to other location or Country Reassignment etc

So can We do it?: The answer is YES, you can!

To handle similar situations SAP created “Additional Actions” (Infotype 0302) to capture these additional/multiple actions on same day.

Tell me more about this Infotype 0302: This infotype cannot be maintained directly, but it is located for viewing at the bottom of the Actions infotype (0000).

To make use of this functionality, you need to set it up using the following IMG path:Personnel Management -> Personnel Administration -> Customizing Procedures -> Actions ->Set up personnel actions

To activate Additional actions, run report RPUEVSUP.
This sets the the value of the semantic code EVSUP to 1 for the group ADMIN in table T77S0
In table T529A, it sets the indicator U0302 for all personnel action types.
Additional Actions should be activated for all personnel number ranges.

If we do the same action again (i.e. we hire the same employee twice), the actions infotype (IT000) stores the latest of the two actions. When we activate additional actions, we can do 2 different actions on the same day.

Features of Infotype 0302 Addiitonal Actions:Infotype 0302 Additional Actions allows you to automatically log all of the personnel action types that are performed for an employee on a specific date. It allows you to perform and document several personnel action types for an employee in the R/3 System on the same day.

You can display and edit the data records logged in the infotype Additional Actions (0302) on the list screen of the infotype Actions (0000),whether you want to use the automatic logging of personnel action types in the infotype Additional Actions (0302)which personnel action type should be saved, that is preserved, in the infotype Actions (0000) if you perform another personnel action type for the employee on the same day

The system then logs all personnel action types that are executed for an employee and their related reasons in the Additional Actions infotype (0302). – It creates an Additional Actions record (0302) on the specified key date for each record in the Actions infotype (0000).

Check the STAT2 field entries youhave in Table T529A. This is how SAP determines if an action is a statuschanging one and only allows one of these each day. IF field STAT2 isblank, not a status change. Otherwise, a change. If a second statuschanging action is done, it will replace the first. Also, if actioncode/reason code combination is already there, it will overwrite.

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    Hello there,<br /><br />I am trying to activate IT0302 but still having error of <br />&quot;PerNo 00102426 Error while creating IT 0302&quot; Message no. RP016<br /><br />I did all the following:<br />- run report RPUEVSUP to sets the the value of the semantic code EVSUP to 1 for the group ADMIN in table T77S0<br />- In table T529A, sets the indicator U0302 for all personnel action types.<br /

  2. We have it set-up so that under Actions/additional actions, I can see Action: Pay Change, Reason: Year-end increase. But once I do a Promotion on the same day, the basic pay record gets overwritten with the new one which is fine but I would like to be able to see what the Pay Change Salary was in the history.

  3. I tryed to create infotype 0302, but there is a message no PG170, You cannot maintain this infotype directly.<br /><br />Like the Archived Objects infotype (0283), it can only be maintained by the system, and not manually.<br /><br />

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