SAP Tax Configuration

SAP uses the BSI tax engine to calculate U.S. taxes. The BSI tax engine covers four types of payments:

  • Regular payments
  • Supplemental payments
  • Cumulative payments
  • Vacation payments

Regular Payments

The regular payment methods are:

  • Regular
  • Maximum wage
  • Self adjust
  • Year-to-date

BSI determines the appropriate regular payment method and assigns it to each tax. This pre-assigned method is used in the calculation when the type of payment indicated via the Payment Type parameter is Regular Payments.

Supplemental Payments

The supplemental payment methods are:

  • Regular payment
  • Flat rate
  • Separate aggregation
  • Rate table
  • Cumulative
  • Aggregation with pay periods
  • Wage-associated
  • Concurrent
  • Regular no exemption
  • System selected

Cumulative Payments

The cumulative payment methods are:

  • Regular payment
  • Cumulative

Vacation Payments

The vacation payment methods are:

  • Regular payment
  • Vacation

Supported Tax Jurisdictions

BSI supports all payroll tax authorities at the following levels:

  • Federal
  • State
  • County
  • City
  • School district
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