Blueprinting – Determining Enterprise and Personnel Structure

During Blueprinting what rules would you use to determine the enterprise and personnel structure you need
For Determining Personnel Areas:
  • used by Payroll to identify the specific agency for whom the employee works
  • A Company Code can include one or more Personnel Areas
  • Personnel Area is important for selecting dates for reporting
  • Personnel areas determine where wages and salaries are posted and from where they are paid
There are five key elements that determine an employee’s Personnel SuBulleted Listbarea assignment:
• Calendar assignment
• Relationship to the state (regular vs. temp vs. elected vs. contractor)
• Quota accrual rules/requirements
• Work schedule rule (to restrict the available work schedules)
• Working period (which defines Overtime period)
To determine the number of Employee groups you need:
  • Employee Status (Retired, active, etc)
  • Employee’s relationship to the Company (Contractor, associate, etc)
  • Business rules for calculating leave
  • Personnel calculation rules for managing employee pay
  • Provides benefit eligibility
To determine the number of Employee sub groups you need:
  • Full-time/part-time statuses
  • whether employee is subject to FLSA(Fair Labor Standards Act) or not
  • Different payroll procedures for different sub groups (defined in PCR)
Decisioning on Payroll Area
  • Payroll area is decisioned based on the payroll cycle (period and day)

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