Common HR Transaction codes (important)

Common T-Codes

PC00 Run Payroll
PC10 Payroll menu USA
PE00 Starts Transactions PE01,PE02,PE03
PE01 Schemas
PE02 Calculation Rules
PE03 Features
PE04 Create functions and operations
PE51 HR form editor
PRCA Payroll calendar
PRCT Current Settings
PRCU Printing Checks USA
PRD1 Create DME
SM31 Maintain Tables
SM12 Locked Secessions
TSTC Table lookup
SE16 Data Browser (Table reports)
PP03 PD Tables
PP0M Change Org Unit
P013 Maintain Positions
PO03 Maintain Jobs

Master Data

PA10 – Personnel file
PA20 – Display HR Master Data
PA30 – Maintain HR Master Data
PA40 – Personnel Events
PA41 – Change Hiring Data
PA42 – Fast Data Entry for Events
PRMD – Maintain HR Master Data
PRMF – Travel Expenses : Feature TRVFD
PRML – Set Country Grouping via Popup
PRMM – Personnel Events
PRMO – Travel Expenses : Feature TRVCO
PRMP – Travel Expenses : Feature TRVPA
PRMS – Display HR Master Data
PRMT – Update Match code
PS03 – Info type Overview
PS04 – Individual Maintenance of Info types

General reporting

PM00 – Menu for HR Reports
PM01 – Dialogs in HR – Create Custom info types
PRFO – Standard Form
PSVT – Dynamic Tools Menu
PAR1 – Flexible Employee Data
PAR2 – Employee List

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