OM – Transaction codes

PPOM – Change org Unit
PO03 – Maintain Jobs
P013 – Maintain Position
PO10 – Maintain Organizational Unit
PP01 – Maintain Plan Data (menu-guided)
PP02 – Maintain Plan Data (Open)
PP03 – Maintain Plan Data (Event-guided)
PP05 – Number Ranges
PP06 – Number Ranges Maintenance HR Data
PP07 – Tasks/Descriptions
PP69 – Choose Text for Organizational Unit
PP90 – Setup Organization
PP01 – Change Cost Center Assignment
PP02 – Display Cost Center Assignment
PP03 – Change Reporting Structure
PP04 – Display Reporting Structure
PP05 – Change Object indicators (O/S)
PP06 – Change Object indicators OS
PPOA – Display Menu Interface (with dyn.)
PPOC – Create Organizational Unit
PPOM – Maintain Organizational Plan
PPOS – Display Organizational Plan
PQ01 – Events for Work Center
PQ02 – Events for Training Program
PQ03 – Events for Job
PQ04 – Events for Business Event Type
PQ06 – Local Events
PQ07 – Resource Events
PQ08 – Events for External Person
PQ09 – Events for Business Event Group
PQ10 – Events for Organizational Unit
PQ11 – Events for Qualification
PQ12 – Resource Type Events
PQ13 – Events for Position
PQ14 – Events for Task
PQ15 – Events for Company
PSO5 – PD : Administration Tool
PSOA – Work Center Reporting
PSOC – Job Reporting
PSOG – Org Mgmt General Reporting
PSO1 – Tools Integration PA-PD
PSOO – Organizational Unit Reporting
PSOS – Position Reporting
PSOT – Task Reporting

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