Payroll T codes

Transaction Activity

PC00_M99_CLSTR Display Payroll Results
PC00_M99_CALC Payroll Driver (International)
PC00_M99_ABKRS Specify a payroll area
PC00_M99_CLSTPC Display PC Cluster: Personal Calendar
PC00_M99_TLEA Leave Overview
PC00_M99_TLEA30 Batch-Input: Annual Leave
PC00_M99_CPRC Access Payroll Calendar
PC00_M99_MOLGA Specify a personnel country grouping
PC00_M99_CLJN Payroll Journal – International
PC00_M99_DLGA20 Use of Wage Types in Payroll
PC00_M99_UDIR Restore the Payroll Results Directory
PU00 Delete Personnel Data
PU01 Delete Current Payroll Result
PU03 Change Payroll Status
PU2 Archive Data
PU0 Wage Type Copier
PU95 Edit Wage Type Groups and Logical Views
PU96 Edit Wage Type Groups
PU97 Edit Logical Views
PU98 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups
PUOC_xx (xx = Country Code) Off-Cycle Workbench
PEST Maintenance of Process Model
PUST HR Process Workbench

PC00 – Run Payroll
PC10 – Payroll menu USA
PE00 – Starts Transactions PE01 PE02 PE03
PE01 – Schemas
PE02 – Calculation Rules
PE03 – Features
PE04 – Create functions and Operations
PE51 – HR form editor
PRCA – Payroll Calendar
PRCT – Current Settings
PRCU – Printing checks USA
PRD1 – Create DME
SM31 – Maintain Table
SM12 – Locked Secessions
TSTC – Table Look up
SE16 – Data Browser (Table Reports)
PP03 – PD Tables
PPOM – Change Org Unit
PO13 – Maintain Positions
PO03 – Maintain Jobs

Pay scales:

PC00_M99_U510 Simple Std Pay Increase for Indirectly Valuated WTs
PC00_M99_IRTF Enhanced Std Pay Increase (Indirect and Direct WTs) with Batch Input
PC00_M99_ITUM Pay Scale Reclassification Age or Pay Scale Membership Period


PC00_M99_CEDT Remuneration Statements
PDF7 Delete Form in Customer Client
PDF8 Copy Form from SAP Client to Customer Client
PDF9 Copy Form within Customer Client
PC00_M99_CLGA00 Wage Type Statement
PC00_M99_CLGV00 Wage Type Distribution
PC00_M99_CKTO Payroll Accounts
PDF0 Conversion Report for Remuneration Statement Forms
PDFA Conversion of Payroll Journal Forms

Third party

PC00_M99_URMA Acknowledgement Report for Third Party Remittance
PC00_M99_URMU Update of Remittance Tables from TemSe-Object

Transfer Activities

PC00_M99_CIPE Posting to Accounting: Create Posting Run
PC00_M99_DKON Posting to Accounting: Wage Type Assignment – Display G/L Accounts
PC00_M99_CIPC Posting to Accounting: Search for Payroll Results not Posted
PC00_M99_URMR Reconciliation of Transfers
PC00_M99_URMW Maintain Wage Types According to Assignment to HR Creditors
PC00_M99_URMD Undo Third-Party Remittance Runs
PC00_M99_URMP Create Third-Party Remittance Posting Run
PC00_M99_CMLI0 Cash Breakdown List (International)
PC00_M99_CDTA Preliminary Program- Data Medium Exchange for Several Payment Runs


PE04 Editor for Calling Functions and Operations
PE03 Editor for Calling Features
PE02 Editor for Calling Personnel Calculation Rules
PE01 Editor for Calling Personnel Calculation Schemas
PE51 Call the Form Editor
PU12 Interface Toolbox
PDSY HR-Documentation Maintenance

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