IT 0105 – Communications

When a new subtype is created under Infotype 0105 Communications, how can we configure the new subtype to be a Short ID field (USRID) or Long ID field (USRID_LONG)?

The subtype of a Communications Infotype (IT 0105) can be configured either to be a short ID (30 char) or a long ID (241 char).

Use TCode SM31. Go to view V_T591C “Recipient Type for Communication Type”. This is a place where you can mention, what type of communication is your subtype (Ex: Text, Telephone, Email Address etc.) and also indicate if the new Subtype is a Long ID using the check box.

In addition, you can also define the Time Constraint of the new subtype.

Also try HRUSER – and link an user ID to an employee. linking this creates infotype 0105 for the employee HR master record

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