Linking Employee Photos using SAP Archive Link

Linking employee photos (Assign Facsimiles in transaction PA30) using SAP Archive link functionality (not through ESS).

1) CUstomizing steps 

IMG – Personnel management – personnel administration – customizing user interfaces – change screen header.

Regarding the archiving part – Basis admin to set that up for document type HRICOLFOTO.

2) Photo in the PA IT0002 In version 4.0B

1. Define physical archives using transaction OAC0 Arx. ZZ

2. Assign objects types & document types to archive & documents tables for Obj PREL , doc.type HRIEMPFOTO, Arx. ZZ using transaction OAC3

3. Define number range using transaction OANR

4. Using transaction OAC2 define doc.typ & tech doc types for exmpl. HRIEMPFOTO – TIF

5. Create protocol for Archive link using transactions OAA3 for exmpl. Comm.prot.,version. Generate it will define application type from list and so on.

6. In the table 585O define relevant infotype for object and document type for exmpl. for it0002

7. Using transaction OAAD create link for PERNR with relevant infotype & files on the server, which described on the first step.


In addition to any infotype fields you can also include passport photos of your employees in the infotype header in Infotype Header Definition view (T588J).

In the System Table view (T77S0), determine the document type with which you want to enter the passport photos in the optical archive.

Still does not work? try as suggested below:

When I execute the OAAD transaction the result is ok, but when I look at PA30 I can´t see the photo.

In PA30 if I look by “Extras-> display all facsimiles” the photo appears correctly, so the photo is assigned to the employee number.

Then my problem is in the initial screen in PA20, PA30,…

From an OSS message from SAP:

For using an employee picture in the PA20/PA30 please check that you have a correct customization for the infotype header.

For further information please have a look at the corresponding point in the customizing for ‘Personnel Administration’ – ‘Define Dynpro header’.

You have to check the table T588J and T77S0 (define document type for pictures). Additionally, remember that the photo should be in JPG format.”

You may find helpful note 353949.

T588J could look like:

00 1 60 0001 PERNR PIC

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