Many are familiar with Integration Reports between PA – OM/PD such as below

  • RHINTE00 – Transfer PA Records To PD Positions. In another world, it creates the HRP1001 between P to S in the OM side of the world. When you view a record via IT0001, you see this person holds the position, however via HRP1001, that relationship isn’t so.
  • RHINTE10 – Generates the required relevant tables. (T513 – Jobs, T513S – Jobs, T528B – Positions, T528T – Work Center, T527X – Org Unit
  • RHINTE20 – checks for all objects for integration between PA and OM. This is a big one and will take awhile to run. What it does is look at table T513/T513T – Jobs, T528/T528T – Position, and T528X – Org Unit. It will then compare it against the HRPxxxx table to find missing objects. If there are any missing objects, it will create the record.
  • RHINTE30 – Transfer OM to PA. This will create infotype 0001. If the conversion strategy is to have SAP auto inherit factor to kick in for IT0001, often time jobs and org unit are missing via IT0001 during the inital conversion load. RHINTE30 will find the relationship and push it through IT0001.
For more information on these reports for OM-PA integration, Click here
But not everyone are familiar with Report RHINTECHECK, Which is a very useful report,highly neglected.Most consider that Running Integration Reports mentioned above completes the Integration Process,but not until one runs report RHINTECHECK,which if comes out error free does actually one complete Integration Process successfully.RHINTECHECK reports checks for any inconsistancies that occur during the PA-OM integration, so it is advised to run this report after you are done running your other Integration reports.
Most likely the errors that are brought about are often solved by running either RHINTE00 or RHINTE30 report. Also the other useful report is RHCHECKV – Which Checks all inverse relationships.

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