Organizational Management – purpose

OM is mainly used to perform numerous business and human resources processes. As the first step an organizational plan is created. The organizational plan is a functional structure representing the enterprise. In OM, the current organizational plan can be created and additional organizational plans are created as archives (this provides a clear picture of the organization at any point in time:past, present or future). Organizational Management is the basis for additional Human Resources components and functions as well as for SAP Business Workflow.

OM is installed before Personnel Development(PD), Recruitment, Compensation Management (CM/ECM), Workflow, Time Management, Security, ESS/MSS etc. OM structure provides the foundation for these modules and streamlines business processes. For example MSS setup can be such that the manager will be able to view only the details of those working under him/her – the details of persons working under the manager are picked up from OM. Similarly data from OM is used when WF has to route the work of approving the leave of an employee to his/her manager.

OM is based on the objects and their relationships. Jobs, tasks, positions, etc are the objects. These objects are created in OM. The relationship between various objects is also stored in OM.

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  4. &quot;Organizational Management is the basis for additional Human Resources components and functions.&quot; -I really agree with this statement.There&#39;s a huge task for OM.

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    First thing….You have a big heart in sharing such info and then taking pains in putting in simple language. Dhanyavad. Second I am unable to see some earlier sessions and also the latest pdfs….if possible kindly email them But yet again Thanks … I will start doing the same…sharing knowledge.

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