Absence Quotas – Simple Example

Suppose, your client has two types of leaves, say, casual leave and sick leave which are applicable to the same employee sub groups and personnel subareas. So you want to know how to generate these two quotas in this situation using the report RPTQTA00, right. 

Here are the steps to be followed to generate these two leave quotas:

1. There is only one Personnel Subarea grouping for absences.

2. You have to create two different absence types, obviously, for casual leave and sick leave, say, “casu” and “sick” with all the usual entry screens and time constraint classes. 

3. The counting class for the Period Work Schedule has to be assigned.

4. The employee sub group grouping and the personnel subarea grouping for time quotas remain the same for both the quotas.

5. You have to define two different absence quota types for casual leave and sick leave, say, 90 and 91. (Both measurement units as days)

6. Set the “no generation” radio button for both the quotas 90 and 91in the node ‘permit quota generation with out time evaluation’. (As you wish to generate them both by RPTQTA00)

7. Set the feature QUOMO with a default value, say, 10 for your country grouping.

8. Set the base entitlements separately for both the quotas, say, 25 days for casual leave (constant, calender period) and 5 days for sick leave (constant, calender period).

Please make sure that the rule for base entitlement is different for the quotas, say, 001 for casual leave and 002 for sick leave.

9. Determine the validity and deduction periods for both the quotas separately.

10. Create two different generation rules with these two different base entitlements.

11. Create only one deduction rule, say, 999 for both the quotas. You can type the two absence quota types one by one sequentially. 

12. Create only one counting rule for both the absences if the conditions for absences are the same, and assing the deduction rule to this counting rule. (If you want the absences to be counted differently then you can go for two different counting rules). 

13. Assign this same counting rule to these two absence types, casual leave and the sick leave separately. 

14. Set Perosnnel Subarea groupings for time recording. (We often tend to forget this node.)

15. Go to SE38 and run the report RPTQTA00 to an employee for a given validity period, say from 01.01.2007 to 31.12.2007 and do the test run. 

You must get both the quotas in the screen, i.e., 25 days for casual leave and 5 days for sick leave. 

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  1. Hi All,<br />I am a beginner in SAP HCM. I have a doubt. Consider this case, if there are two employees, one is a manager and another is an employee. If i want that the manager should have working days on Mon, Tue, Wed, and other days should be off; and for the employee only sat and sun should be off, where exactly i need to customise and what steps needs to be done. Please help..

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