CATS – Transaction codes

To Customize CATS:

CAC1 : Maintain Profile 

CAC2 : Allocate Fields 

CAC3 : Def. Rej. Reasons 

CAC4 : Def. Auth. Groups 

CAC5 : Def. Cust. Fields 

CAC6 : Allowed Print Report

Working with CATS

CAT2 : Maintain Times  CAT3 : View Times  CATSXT : Times for SP  CATR : Reorg. Interf. Tables

Approving Times Entries


Transferring Time Entries

CATA : All entries (exc. MM)  CAT5 : .. to PS  CAT6 : .. to Time Mgt  CAT7 : .. to  CO  CAT9 : .. to PM / CS  CATM : .. to MM

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    THis is fantastic site i have come ever accross. This is kind of encyclopedia for SAP HCM Consultants.. :)-

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