Are you a beginner?

Are you new to SAP HR/HCM modules? Are you conisidering a new career in SAP HR?

Learn SAP by joining our google groups/orkut forums. Learn by asking questions.
We have set of basic materials which helps novices learn. This is the best teach-it-yourself kit available in the market.
First things you need to learn:
Difference between HR and HCM
There are many modules inside HR/HCM modules
Are you into Blueprinting? Which questionnaire do you use?

8 thoughts on “Are you a beginner?

  1. Rashi says

    There are only 3 sessions available ….where can I find all the 30 sessions.Thanks for help in advance.<br />Rashi

  2. Anonymous says

    Hello ananth<br /><br />you are so generous in sharing the knowledge.<br />divine almighty bless you with great wealth and health<br /><br />selvan

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