RPTIME00 and RPTQTA00 are used in Time Management module to generate absence quotas. These absence quotas are stored in infotype IT2006.


For Running Time evalaution, Time and Attendance Accrual.

is used for +Ve and -Ve Time both

Specifically for Quota balance creation

With RPTIME00 we can see the entire log. But we could not see the log with RPTQTA00


  • Accrued absence quotas are one which needs to be credited to employee account, say if he completes six months from his date of joining and this is achieved by running RPTIME00 using PT60 transaction.
  • Advance absence quotas are one which gets credited to employee account on his first date of joining and these are generated through RPTQTA00 program.

Settings to be maintained in IMG: Table: V_556A_B

  • Increase should be maintained for RPTIME00
  • No generation should be maintained for RPTQTA00

In addition to generation of absence quotas, RPTIME00 also generates Time wage types, Time balances etc.  

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