Travel Management – Transaction Codes

TRIP – Travel Manager

Travel Management has below three sections

>> Travel Planning
>> Travel Expenses
>> Person-Related Master Data

Person-Related Master Data

PRMM – Personnel Actions

TPMM – Personnel Actions (Travel Planning)

PRMD – Maintain

TPMD – Maintain (Travel Planning)

PRMS – Display

TPMS – Display (Travel Planning)

PRAA – Create Vendors

Note: PRAA can create vendor master on the basis of employee master maintain in HR system. This T – Code is very useful to create employee as vendor

Travel Planning

TP01 – Planning Manager

TP20 – Plan Trip (Expert)

Information System

TP31 – Tools


S_AHR_61016279 – Hierarchical Overview of Flights by Airline

S_AHR_61016280 – Overview of Flights by Airline

S_AHR_61016281 – Overview of Flights by Location

S_AHR_61016282 – Ticket Information for Flights


S_AHR_61016283 – Business Volume with Hotel Chains, Hierarchical

S_AHR_61016284 – Business Volume with Hotel Chains

S_AHR_61016285 – Business Volume by Hotel Location

Car Rental

S_AHR_61016286 – Business Volume with Car Rental Companies

S_AHR_61016287 – Business Volume by Rental Location


S_PEN_05000095 – Overview of Rail Connections by City

S_P7H_77000087 – Price Information for Rail Connections

Other Services

S_PEN_05000096 – Overview of Other Services by Type

Global Reports

S_AHR_61016288 – Overview of Planned Trips

Current Settings

Travel Service Providers


S_AHR_61000623 – Airfare Rates

S_AHR_61000645 – Airfare Discounts


S_AHR_61000889 – Hotel Catalog

S_AHR_61000628 – Hotel Rates

S_AHR_61000633 – Rates for Catalog Hotels

Car Rental

S_AHR_61006700 – Car Rental Rates

Travel Policy


S_AHR_61006686 – Define Trip Rules – Flight

S_AHR_61000596 – Specify Attributes for Trip Rules – Flight

S_AHR_61000601 – Define Class Rules – Flight

S_AHR_61006688 – Specify Attributes for Class Rules – Flight


S_AHR_61000608 – Define Trip Rules – Hotel

S_AHR_61000649 – Specify Attributes for Trip Rules – Hotel

S_AHR_61000677 – Define Class Rules – Hotel

S_AHR_61000679 – Specify Attributes for Class Rules – Hotel

Car Rental

S_AHR_61000681 – Define Trip Rules – Car Rental

S_AHR_61000683 – Specify Attributes for Trip Rules – Car Rental

S_AHR_61000685 – Define Class Rules – Car Rental

S_AHR_61000687 – Specify Attributes for Class Rules – Car Rental


S_ALN_01000812 – Define Class Rules – Rail

S_ALN_01000813 – Specify Attributes for Class Rules – Rail

Travel Profiles

S_AHR_61000689 – Define Trip Activity Types

S_AHR_61000691 – Define Travel Profiles

S_AHR_61000654 – Define Priorities

S_AHR_61006705 – Assign Trip and Class Rules

S_ALN_01000814 – Assign Class Rules – Rail

S_AHR_61012509 – Assign Profile / Hotel Catalog Item

S_AHR_61006706 – Enterprise-Specific Methods of Payment

S_AHR_61000668 – Message Handling of Priorities

Control Parameters

S_AHR_61000669 – Feature TRVCP

S_AHR_61000671 – Price and Availability Strategies

S_AHR_61012714 – Display Strategy for Hotel Rates

FITP_SETTINGS – Settings for Travel Planning

Travel Expenses

PR05 – Travel Expense Manager

PR02 – Travel Calendar

PR04 – Weekly Report

PR03 – Trip Advances

Separation Allowance (Germany)

TGANL – Create Separation Allowance Event

TGMOD – Change Separation Allowance Event

TGANZ – Display Separation Allowance Event

TGPER – Period Manager

Periodic Processing

PRAP – Approve Trips

ACTEXP_APPR_LITE – Approve Trips and Time Sheets

PREC – Settle Trips

Print Forms

PRF0_PDF – Standard Form

PRF1 – Summarized Form 1

PRF2 – Summarized Form 2

Transfer to Accounting

PRFI – Create Posting Run

PRRW – Manage Posting Runs

PRPY – Transfer to an External Payroll

Payment via Data Medium Exchange (DME)

PRDX – Preliminary Program DME

PRD1 – Create DME

FDTA – DME Control

PRCU – Check Printing

PRML – Change Country Grouping

Information System

Trip Statistics

S_AHR_61016401 – General Trip Data/Trip Totals

S_AHR_61016402 – Trip Receipts

S_AHR_61016403 – Trip Receipts Without General Trip Data

S_AHR_61016404 – Cost Assignment for Trip

S_AHR_61018613 – Cost Assignment for Trip Without General Data

S_AHR_61016405 – General Trip Data/Totals/Receipts/Cost Assignment

PTRV_PAYMENT_HISTORY – Determine FI Payment Date

S_AHR_61016406 – Who is Where? Search for Trip Destinations

S_AHR_61016407 – Find Documents Using Maximum Rate

Diverse Trip Reports

S_AHR_61016408 – Travel Expense Reporting by Period

S_AHR_61016409 – Income-Related Expenses Statement

S_AHR_61016410 – Input Tax Recovery

S_AHR_61016411 – Determination of Employees with Exceeded Trip Days



Credit Card Data

PRCC – Import Credit Card Files

PRTA – Overview of Travel Expense Reports

PRTC – Display Receipts by Personnel Number

PRCCD – Display Credit Card Receipts

PRCCE – Process Incorrect Transactions

PRCCF – Generate File with Corrected Transactions

PTRV_BSTAT – Statistics Manager

PU22 – Data Archiving

Database Reporting

PRTE – Trip Details

PRRL – Reset Status

PRMT – Reorganize Search Help

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